bruised fruit

Rather than me being clumsy… Let’s pretend that these are from something kinky.


When I decide you are ready, and only then, I will stop teasing you with my mouth and tongue. But my cock will be so hard and swollen from how bad eating your wet pussy turns me on, I will then tease your already swollen clit with my hard cock. First you will feel it pressing against your opening. My head barely penetrating you just enough to stretch you but make you want more. Then I will move it up, slowly. Watching your wet lips part. The sound of your wet pussy. Watching you coat my hard fat cock with your cum. I want to feel it all over my cock. Rubbing your slowly up and down. Teasing you again with just the head, a little more this time but denying you. Then rubbing back up your wet lips careful to not touch your clit yet. Watching your body shake, your eyes piercing back at me. I don’t care how much you beg, you are mine, you will endure it. Finally, you feel the rigid veins from underneath my engorged cock slowly rubbing over the hood of your clit. Your button poking out just enough to feel every inch. I slide it back down, slowly. Then back up this time with my hand pulling the hood of your clit back so that all of you can feel the full length of my cock sliding over you. I want you wet. I want you dripping. I want you completely open and begging me to stretch your little wet cunt like a good slut. 
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ungg… fuck…